Egan Maritime's Student Mariners

In partnership with the Tall Ship Lynx, operated by The Lynx Education Fund, and the Tall Ship Fritha, owned and operated by Northeast Maritime Institute, each summer students from all island schools experience Tall Ship sailing. Known as Student Mariners, these youths return to shore with a new found sense of confidence and connection to the ocean.

More than fifty Nantucket youth have sailed aboard Tall Ships for weekend or overnight sails, and these sails have greatly impacted their futures. As of January 2018, six Student Mariners who have graduated from Nantucket High School have gone on to maritime institutions and academies, and they all attribute their choice of education and career path to their Student Mariner experiences.

In the fall of 2018, two more Student Mariners will begin their studies at maritime institutions, and this will make a total of eight of the fifty-nine Student Mariners currently enrolled in maritime institutions. If you had told us this outcome back in 2012 when the Sea of Opportunities Maritime Education Program was established, we might not have believed you. With the vision and dedication of our leaders and supporters, every expectation had for Sea of Opportunities has been exceeded. Indeed, it is starting to feel like an ocean of opportunities, and we are just getting started.